Coco Solo®


Coco Solo®

A natural coconut flavored soda. Also used in Asian cuisine particularly in cooking of rice and roasting of pork and duck.


Aluminum Cans:

  • Canned soft drink Universal Product Code 77186 33007
  • Each case contains 24- 12 oz.(355 ml) aluminum cans with easy open lift top.
  • Each soft drink case weighs 21.5 pounds (9.79 kg). Each pallet holds 100 cases.
  • A 20′ (6.1 m) hand stacked container holds 2,142 cases.

2 Liter PET Plastic Bottles:

  • Universal Product Code 77186 74007
  • Each case contains 8-2 lt PET plastic bottles in a wrap around cardboard box.
  • Each case of soft drink weighs 38 pounds (17.24 kg). Each pallet holds 40 cases.
  • A 20′ (6.1 m) hand container holds 910 cases.

Case of Coco Solo® 12oz Cans (24 Pack)


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